Frank Shan

Service: Guide

Service City: Dali (China)

Service Language: English (Excellent)

Experience as a Guide: more than 5 years

Year of Birth: 1976

Sex: Male

Nationality: China

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About Me

Hello, my name is Frank and I am from the Bai ethnic minority group in Dali of the Yunnan province. I was born in countryside, so I had lovely childhood and have ability to work hard. I love hiking and other outdoor activities. When I don't work, I like to sing and play my flute.

In the year of 2000, I graduated from the Yunnan Normal University and decided to be a tour guide. As an English-speaking guide for for more than 20 years, I got a lot of honors, for example, National excellent tour guide, China Gold medal tour guide and model worker from Dali etc. I love my home town and my job very much.

I wish all the best wishes to my distinguished guests. You are always warmly welcomed to visit my hometown and I will try my best to serve you with my smile.

To be better for my job, I like to learn from books and my guests from all over the world. As Chinese proverb, nobody will be perfect, I still need learn more and try to be better for the future. If I am your guide, I will give you an unforgettable trip in Dali.