Ha Quang Hung

Service: Guide

Service City: Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

Service Language: English (Excellent)

Experience as a Guide: more than 5 years

Year of Birth: 1991

Sex: Male

Nationality: Vietnam

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About Me

Hello, my name is Hung. I feel very lucky to have chosen travel as my career which gives me a perfect opportunity to learn, to know the western culture and people, and make lots of friends during the time I’m on tour with clients. That’s really treasure. Thus, I firmly believe that only this sincerity could maintain friendships between me and my clients, and also nurtures the highest degree of service to them. Some customers even share their feelings with me, tell me interesting stories about their life.

In the following years, I will continue to travel to enrich my experience and make more effort to my work. I hope I would support more customers as much as possible with their travels and give each of them wonderful and memorable experiences.