Nguyen Van Ngang

Service: Guide

Service City: Da Nang (Vietnam)

Service Language: English (Excellent)

Experience as a Guide: less than 3 years

Year of Birth: 1995

Sex: Male

Nationality: Vietnam

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About Me

I was born in a fishing village in Quang Ngai, brought up in a mountainous town in DakLak and now living in Danang - a fast-growing yet laid-back city in the central of Vietnam. I started being passionate about tour guiding since my second year of university by joining a local free walking tour program where I showed backpackers around Danang, Hoian and Hue. Feeling like I need to know more of my beautiful country than just small part in the central, it’s my turn to be a backpackers and travel across the country on my Honda Wave RSX.

I really cherish those experience of staying at the locals’ stilt house somewhere up north near the border with China, drinking their local spicy spirit and chatting with them till late night; or another time floating in the middle of a river in Mekong Delta and help them pull the fishing net for a fresh dinner later that day.

After working in Africa for 6 and a half month as an interpreter, I returned to Vietnam and jumped right into the Travel Industry when I started my first job as a tour guide. I always tries to deliver as much joy and laugh as possible to my clients and have less of those tedious lessons on academic topics, because they are on their vacation and not in a lecture.

Some of my oasis are playing football, coffee every morning with friends and family, meeting new people and hear their stories; especially I enjoy camping and traveling on my motorbike, oh, by the way, I can play guitar too!