David Diao

Service: Guide

Service City: Huangshan (China)

Service Language: English (Excellent)

Experience as a Guide: more than 5 years

Year of Birth: 1984

Sex: Male

Nationality: China

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About Me

I have been working as a tour guide in Huangshan for 14 years. As a tourguide, I deeply know that it is not easy for foreign tourists to travel in China, because of the dramatic language and culture difference. I told myself at the first day of my guiding career, "l will do my best to offer a better and special guiding service to my guests", and I am still trying my best with every client I escort. The satisfaction of the guests is the best reward for me.

I have a strong knowledge in traditions, history and architecture in the Huangshan area, as well as the religions (Daoism, Confusion, buddism). I will try to help every guest get the most out of their trip while traveling with me in Huangshan.