Andrés Menache

Service: Guide

Service City: Osaka/Kyoto (Japan)

Service Language: English (Excellent), Spanish (Native)

Experience as a Guide: more than 5 years

Year of Birth: 1986

Sex: Male

Nationality: Argentina

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About Me

Showing people the historic areas of Kyoto and Nara is a true passion of mine. I started off in the tour business by showing Japanese around my home country of Argentina, and a couple years back, my love of Japan brought me here to live. I’ve studied much about Japanese history, so it would be my pleasure to answer questions you may have about the lovely temples, shrines, and gardens we have here in Kyoto and Nara. I also very much enjoy leading people around Kyoto’s Gion and other evening districts, showing both the traditional geisha areas and the modern restaurant and nightlife areas. As an Argentinian, Spanish is my native language, but English is no problem for me at all either.