Liran Levy

Service: Driver-Guide (Nissan Serena, 6 seats)

Service City: Osaka/Kyoto (Japan)

Service Language: English (Excellent)

Experience as a Driver-Guide: 3 to 5 years

Year of Birth: 1976

Sex: Male

Nationality: Israel

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About Me

I’ve been in Japan for nearly 20 years, and I still love it! Let me share my pleasure with you as we explore the history, culture, food, and people of this great country. If you’re interested in samurai related topics, I’m your man! No one else has access to the kinds of swordsmen we do, and we can even arrange an overnight stay at a famous temple that samurai once used. Sword practice, traditional clothing, and cooking are all part of this adventure. But samurai aside, there’s so much more! I love Japanese food, and pride myself on knowing some of the best places for “Kobe Beef” (we’ll talk about why that’s a bit of a misnomer!), and if you want a night out with locals, that can be arranged before you can say “sushi”!