Mardi Robinson

Service: Guide

Service City: Osaka/Kyoto (Japan)

Service Language: English (Native)

Experience as a Guide: 3 to 5 years

Year of Birth: 1994

Sex: Female

Nationality: United States

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About Me

I’ve always had a keen interest in Japan and its history, and after finishing university here, I decided to stay. Kyoto and Nara’s history is so interesting, and the mix of Buddhism, Shintoism, and also teachings long ago imported from China and Korea, all have created a legacy we can enjoy today. Are you a big fan of Japanese tea culture? Be it loose leaf or the powdered “matcha” type, local tea culture is best introduced in Uji. For those more interested in sake (Japanese rice wine), it would be my pleasure to give you an insider’s tour into sake production in the Kyoto area. No matter what your interests, I’m confident I can share things about the region you’ll love.