Shoji Ogata

Service: Driver-Guide

Service City: Osaka/Kyoto (Japan)

Service Language: English (Native), Japanese (Native)

Experience as a Driver-Guide: 3 to 5 years

Year of Birth: 1981

Sex: Male

Nationality: Japan

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About Me

Having essentially been raised in Canada by Japanese parents, I’m a native speaker of both English in Japanese, which allows me to relate smoothly to our visitors from abroad while still understanding Japan’s culture just like a native. I’m all up for cities (I was a city guy when I lived in Vancouver), but my speciality is showing our guests the best of traditional culture, Japan’s abundant natural bounty, Japanese cuisine, craftsmanship, and all things Buddhist and Shinto. WIth this in mind, cooking classes, mountain meditation sessions (doesn’t have to be long and painful!), and tours of traditional soy sauce, sake, and miso makers are some of my favorite things to share with guests.